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Foamex 34410 Review - Great Offer!

Foamex 34410 Product reviews

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Foamex 34410 Product reviews

Foamex 34410 Review by granddaddy "amazon user" (Chicago)

I've had this about a year. Didn't want a rush to judgement ,it has done a fine job and not showing any wear or sag so far , I weigh about 260 and I had concerns. Would buy another today if this were destroyed somehow. Don't know what else to say try it you may like it.

Foamex 34410 Review by Xu Mei (Connecticut, USA)

I purchased this mattress (King) about a year ago, largely due to the fantastic reviews. I've suffered from back problems in the past, and wanted a firm mattress that would let me wake up comfortable and well rested. Unfortunately, this mattress was not the right choice. Since shortly after we started sleeping on it, both my husband and I have suffered from morning back pain. The mattress is softer than I'd expected and makes me feel like I'm sinking down a few inches.

It clearly doesn't CAUSE my back pain, but it does make it worse not better. I'm going to unfortunately have to deal with the fact I lost $700 and go back to the thin, hard, mattresses from Ikea.

Positives - it's small when shipped, and the smell went away after a month or so.

Foamex 34410 Review by A. L. Rush (The Show-Me State)

We bought this mattress based on the awesome reviews and here are our experiences with it so far:

-Fast shipping and super easy to set up. It comes shrink-wrapped and expands to full size in about a day or so. It is pretty heavy, so get some help to move it.

-Very nice cover included on the mattress. It almost looks like a traditional mattress since it's quilted with a design.

-Definitely has an odd chemically odor. It wasn't abhorrent or unbearable, and it does somewhat fade, but even after sleeping on it a month I still catch a whiff every now and then when I first lay down...like it poofs up out of the deeper parts that haven't aired out yet.

-Not as hot as we expected. We normally use flannel sheets in the winter, so we opted to use regular cotton sheets since a lot of people said these mattress are hot. So far we've been perfectly comfortable temperature-wise using regular sheets with a thin cotton blanket and a quilt on top.

-Very squishy sleeping surface. At first it seems somewhat firm, but as you relax and the mattress warms up it becomes a lot more soft. I've had a hard time adjusting to it, waking up with some pretty bad lower backaches the first week or two. I've never had any kind of back problems, so I was surprised to find that it really made my back ache for an hour or two every morning until I worked out the kinks, so to speak. I'm finding that it is more comfortable now and that my back doesn't hurt when I get out of bed anymore, but I'm not sure if that's because I've gotten used to the sleeping surface or if the bed has been broken in. On the other hand, my husband has loved it since the first night we slept on it - he says his shoulder isn't sore anymore because I make him sleep on his side when he snores loud. :)

-Can be hard to maneuver yourself sometimes. Because it conforms to your shape, sometimes it's like rolling up a hill to get out of bed! If you have mobility problems that may be an issue, or maybe it's because I'm fatter than normal at this point in my life so I sink into it more. LOL

So there you have it...overall I'd say if you like your bed on the softer side, you'll probably love this and for the price it can't be beat, especially with free shipping. If you need a firmer sleeping surface, this may not be the mattress for you.

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Foamex 10-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress with Aerus Natural Memory Foam Comfort Layer, Queen:: Features

  • Unique open-cell, highly-breathable memory foam provides ultra comfort as well as heat dissipation and enhanced airflow which contribute to a cooler sleeping surface.
  • 3" Aerus NaturalTM Premium 4.0 pound density Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • This mattress is made using a patented VPFSM process which ensures that virtually zero emissons are released to the environment during its manufacture. This is another way in which this mattress provides a 'Green" benefit
  • Includes a soft, cashmere-like Rayon made from bamboo fiber cover which is made from sustainable plant material and also helps to wick moisture away from the body's surface for a cooler night's sleep
  • This is a more product as the foam in this mattress is produced using Natural plant-based ingredients in place of the traditional petroleum based ingredients normally used by other manufacturers.
  • Item Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches; 69 pounds
  • Brand: Foamex
  • Model: 34410
  • Product Type: Kitchen
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Foamex 34410:
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